France wins the first 2019 PUMed Philatelic contest
14 Nov 2019
On the 8 of July 2019, The Postal Union for the Mediterranean launched its first
international contest on the occasion of its annual philatelic issue "Traditional
Mediterranean Costumes".
Over 8000 votes has been registered from 84 countries from the 8 of July to the 8th
of October 2019.
Plebiscite as first of the contest in 10 countries, second in 9 and third in other 10, the
French stamp about « Le Costume de l’Arlésienne » outstrips the Lebanese stamp
« Emir of the 19th century, wearing a “Tarboush” » and the Croatian one « Narodna
nošja sa Suska » respectively second and third among the voters choice.
To illustrate this thematic, La Poste worked with the Art and History Museum of
Provence (M.A.H.P.) and the “Museon Arlaten” of Arles which own an amazing
collection of Provence outfits.