14 Nov 2019
The PUMed Postal Innovation Award is a yearly contest made to acknowledge the innovation efforts of its members and reward the most innovative proposal presented whereby the member countries evaluate all the proposals at a first step and then a Jury panel composed of 5 postal experts and consultants do the final evaluation of 3 shortlisted proposals. In 2019 contest, the following 8 member countries participated based on the ranking of the members’ voting, having the first 3 proposals shortlisted for the jury voting phase:
  1. Spain: Commercial sampling solution, Direct marketing tool based on subscription, involving digital and physical networks
  2. Lebanon: Biometric solutions used for the distribution tackling mainly the national security in the delivery efforts
  3. Algeria: Mobile Post offices (25 +), remote regions, solar panels for energy saving
  4. Cyprus: Pro-active Track and Trace solution, notification of events based on subscription
  5. France: Contactless payment device for small payment, targeting mainly children, secure and controlled by parents
  6. Jordan: Mobile application, virtual PO box with notification of tracking events, payment of customs duties
  7. Portugal: Same day pick and delivery solution, route optimization
  8. Turkey: Regional marketplaces in all turkish regions, involving digital and physical networks, CSR
The Jury Panel was composed of:
  1. Mr. Dung Pham Tram: Chairman, Caybo Consulting
  2. Mr. Derek Osborn: Business coach, Management trainer and International facilitator
  3. Mr. Elmar Toime: Chairman, Postea Group Inc.
  4. Mr. Bernhard Bukovc: Chairman, Postal Innovation Platform
  5. Mr. Mattia Crespi: Research Affiliate, Institute for the Future
LibanPost was announced as the winner of the 2019 edition and rewarded for its “Application of biometric solutions in the delivery services” project during the PUMed event in Larnaca in the presence of 14 member countries on the 15th of November.