Antique Cities of Mediterranean Testour – Takrouna
Country: Tunisia
Year: 2022
Release Date: 11 Jul 2022
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First Day Cover/Philatelic
Press Release
Euromed Postal: Antique Cities of Mediterranean
Testour- Takrouna
As part of its active contribution to the activities of the Postal Union for the Mediterranean and the strengthening of its raie in supporting and developing cooperation and partnership with Euro-Medi­terranean postal institutions, the Tunisian Post issues on July 77, 2022 like the member countries for the Mediterranean Union, two postage stamps on the theme "Ancient Cities of the Mediterranean,
Testour and Takrouna".
The Tunisian country succeeded multiple civilizations that lasted about three thousand years, in which it witnessed the Punie, Roman, Vanda/, Byzantine, Arab and lslamic eras, among others. This made Tu­nisia a beacon in the Mediterranean basm, and man_y towns and villages were established du ring these successive eras, including Carthage, Hadromtum (Sousse), Neapolis (Nabeul), Touqa (Daqqa), Miktris (Makther ), Sika Veneria (Le Kef), Vthena (Oudhna), Tedros (El Jem) and other towns like the towns of Testour and Takrouna.
1- The city ofTestour:
Testour is located in the northwest ofTunisia and is one of the oldest Andalusian cities in North Africa. The city was founded at the beginning of the 17th century by the Moriscos (Andalusians), who landed there coming from Anda/usia.
One of the most important monuments by which Testour is known is the Great Masque, which was built by Mohamed Teghrino in the year 7630. lts minaret is topped by a strange clock, its hands turning against what is familwr to the normal docks, and a six-pointed star signifying tolerance and continuity of belonging between Musli ms, Christians and Jews.
Testour is famous for its «Ma/ouf» music and holds an annual festival to celebrate this distinctive An­dalusian singing co/our. The Tastourians are craftsmen of fine craftsmanship in the specializations of ma king traditional clothing of the kachabia, a traditional woolen dress for men and the jebba, which is also a traditional Tunisian dress in silk and embroidered with cotton thread. sifk and metal, which are varied and /uxurious.
ln the town square of Testour, meet the extremities of the three major districts, namely, Al Rahiba, Teghrin and AT Hara. Large quarters of which people gathered in the central square, the bullfighting arf!na, which witn????sseq nights of emotional sangs in which young men played guitars and girfs sang lyncs of love and fltrtat,on .
2- The city of Takrouna:
Takrouna is a Tunisian village, located in the governorate of Sousse, near the city of Enfidha. lt is one of the Berber villages that has retained its Amazigh character and is an ancient and impregnable village that has protec1:ed its inhabitants from invasions and raids throughout history.
Takrouna is on top of a giant rock located at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level. The village was built of stone houses whose architecture reflects the authentic Amazigh construction method (a courtyard in the middle of the house is surrounded by vaulted rooms). lt a/so full of the Sufi shrine, the garden, the modest cafes and the Takrona Masque.
The Berber families who live in the village preserve their customs, such as traditional c/othing, textiles, festivals and characteristics of Berber cwsine, by preparing Tabouna bread and cooking traditional Amazigh dishes such as Chakhchoukha and couscous .
The design of the two postage-stamps models was made by pupils who participated in a
Hackathon organized by the Tunisian Post in partnership with the Ministry of Education on
May 08, 2022 in Tunis.
Series: Commemorative
Drawlng: Élève Siwar CH/Hl, Élève Sara BEN AYED-Hackathon
Value: ü',75,ü',75
Size: 30x40mm
Paper: White bright
Prlntlng process: Offset
Printer: Tunisian Postprinter- Tunis
Prlntlng: 900.000 stamps pervalue
Philatelic products: First day cover
Date of issue: July 11, 2022
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