Mission & Vision


“To defend and promote the collective interests of its Members in the Euro-Mediterranean zone, to represent them collectively before international organizations, to provide consulting, expertise and services within the framework of the joint development of business relationships of its Members, to strengthen network integration and the inter-operability of services, to promote transfers of know-how and of technology within the Community.  To find the funds from donors to finance Community projects.”


To implement, on behalf of its members, an ongoing program of regulating and improving the quality of service as regards letters, parcels and money transfers interchanged among member countries.

To establish, on their behalf, shared resource centres in the areas, namely but not limited for training, desktop publishing, international routing, customs, E-commerce, certification, micro-finance, tracking objects, customer information, processing of claims; ...

To develop and market on their behalf services and products of the Euro-Mediterranean label that are marketed and supplied by member countries if it complies with the internal laws with each member countries;

To negotiate on behalf of its members, with external providers, the best contractual conditions in terms of quality/price, acting as a procurement centre in the area, for example, of transportation, equipment, and provisioning;

To negotiate on their behalf, service contracts for major international clients whose coverage impacts several Members; take action in response to their call for tenders, arrange on a centralized basis for implementation of the contract, and fix the remuneration of each (member country-the designated postal operator);

To formulate, promote and disseminate to member countries the policies and tools for responsible development of the Community.