10th General Assembly, 34th Board of Directors Meetings & Conference (CYPRUS)
On 14 Nov 2019
On the 14th and 15th of November 2019, the PUMed held its Q4 plenary in Larnaca, Cyprus and the General Assembly elected the board members for the new cycle 2020-2022.
Mrs Candan Senyuz, Head of International Relations at PTT Turkish Post, had been appointed as Chairwoman and Mr Khalil Daoud from LibanPost as Vice Chairman for this new cycle.
Therefore, the new board members are as follows:
CYPRUS: Andreas Gregoriou, CEO Group A
FRANCE: Jean-Paul Forceville, Director International and European Relations Group A
SLOVENIA: Marjan Osvald, Director International Mail Group A
SPAIN: Mario Gonzalez Montiel, International Organizations Relations Manager Group A
TURKEY: Candan Senyuz, Head of International Relations - CHAIRWOMAN Group A
ALGERIA: Abdel Karim Dahmani, Director General Group B
EGYPT: Essam Mohamed EL SAGHIR, Chairman Group B
JORDAN: Khaled Lahham, Director General Group B
LEBANON: Khalil Daoud , Chairman and Managing Director - VICE CHAIRMAN Group B
MOROCCO: Amin Bendjelloun Touimi, Director General Group B
The event was also an occasion to present the latest projects and services developed by member countries as well as to participate to the very interesting "Postal Innovation" Workshop animated by Mr. Bernhard Bukovc from Postal Innovation Platform and Mr. Mattia Crespi from The Institute for the Future (IFTF).