Handicraft Jewellery of Mediterranean

Country: Jordan
Year: 2021
Release Date: 12 Jul 2021

Several designs exist for this issue, please discover them all by clicking on the stamp and use left/right arrows.
Cancelation Postmarks
First Day Cover/Philatelic
Press Release
Handicraft Jewelry in the Mediterranean-2021
Regarding the Joint Issue’s set of stamps of The Postal Union for the Mediterranean and our desire to spread awareness of the national heritage in the Levant (Bilad al –Sham ), where handicrafts are an original component of this heritage, Jordan Post Company intends to launch a new issue on this occasion under the theme "Handicraft Jewelry in the Mediterranean"".
In particular, handicrafts are an art that mimics heritage and civilization, and being a beautiful art with practical vitality, its benefits not only enjoy its beauty, but also its client uses combined with its aesthetic splendor, and the practice of handicrafts increases the ability to focus and encourage creativity and innovation of new things, and gives the owner a sense of happiness and helps him get rid of negative energy, so it is considered a national heritage that highlights and expresses the identity of the country.
The issue consists of a collection of handicrafts in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, the Jordanian necklace is silver chain with gemstones consisting of ruby and carp.
The Palestinian craft is Palestinian shatweh headdress from Bethlehem whose front is covered with rows of silver coins and necklace attached to it.
The Syrian earring is silver with gemstones.
The Lebanese bracelet is made of carp and Ruby.
The design of the stamp will be available for the public starting on July 12, 2021with four categories, each of 50 piasters value and a total value of JD2.00
A first day cover will also be released at a value of 2.50 Jordanian dinars, in addition to cancellation postmark with a new design.
This issue was designed by Partners Advertising Company. 4,000 collections have been printed in the form of Mini Sheet (Block) from this version to be put up for sale to the public on the date assigned above.