Handicraft Jewellery of Mediterranean

Country: Malta
Year: 2021
Release Date: 12 Jul 2021

Several designs exist for this issue, please discover them all by clicking on the stamp and use left/right arrows.
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First Day Cover/Philatelic
Press Release
Technical Details
Issue Title: EUROMED - Handicraft Jewellery in the
Date of Issue: 12 July 2021
Value: €0.10, €0.30, €2.50
Presentation: Set of 3 stamps
Sheet Size: 185mm x 114mm
Stamp Size: 31mm x 44mm
Perforation: 14.0 x 13.9 (comb)
Design: MaltaPost p.l.c.
Images: Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti
Printer: Printex Ltd.
Process: Offset
Watermark: Maltese Crosses