Handicraft Jewellery of Mediterranean

Country: Morocco
Year: 2021
Release Date: 12 Jul 2021

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" Handicraft jewelry in the Mediterranean"
Barid Al-Maghrib, active member of the Postal Union for the Mediterranean (PUMED), has always participated in joint programs launched by the union, since 2014, focused on the themes of the mediterranean, boats, fish, trees, houses, costumes and gastronomy.
The artisanal jewelry in the Mediterranean was the theme chosen for the year 2021. In Morocco, the jewel, more than an ornamental object, is a real heritage. Also, his creation is a thousand-year-old tradition which has evolved following successive civilizations influence in Morocco: Amazigh, Phoenician, Carthaginian, Byzantine, Arab, Jewish-Andalusian. City jewelry is usually made of gold or gilded silver. For a long time, they have been finely chiseled and adorned with precious stones, in Fez, Meknes, Rabat, Tangier, Marrakech, and in the north in Tetouan. Rural jewels are in silver, with austere and varied shapes drawing their origins from the tribes tales.
This is how Barid Al-Maghrib opted, within the framework of this program, to represent the « Earrings composing, among other things, the jewels completing the bride outfit from Tangier or from Tetouan. These are earrings with rams horns called "KHORAS KBACH" or "KHORAS ÂAMARA". These are very ornate buckles, precious by the material used and the manufacturer know-how. The upper part carved in foliage encrusted with precious stones, and the lower part begins with a cube also set, where a pendant is hung with pendants and ends with a half-ring that resembles a ram's horn. These earrings are so heavy that they are connected to the hairstyle by a supporting chain.
The stamp reproduces the work of the artist Faissal BEN KIRAN who designed the "KHORAS" earrings using a watercolor technique on paper.
From July 12 until October 12, 2021, the Postal Union for the Mediterranean is launching its 3rd philatelic competition for the choice of the most beautiful postage stamp or souvenir sheet issued by one of the member countries that participated in the common issue. The competition is launched on the Euromed Postal website. The choice is made by vote directly of Internet users.