Handicraft Jewellery of Mediterranean

Country: Turkey
Year: 2021
Release Date: 12 Jul 2021

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First Day Cover/Philatelic
Press Release
Turkish handcrafted jewelry, one of the unique cultural heritage of Anatolia, reflects the emotions, thoughts, traditions and customs and cultural characteristics of the society in which it originated. Cultural assets that arise in accordance with the material and spiritual needs of societies and have been passed down from generation to generation until present day are considered as a product of handicrafts. Handcrafted jewelry made with methods such as telkari (filigree), niello, wattling, openwork, which are traditional jewelry production techniques transferred from father to son, master to apprentice for thousands of years in Anatolia, has survived to the present day without losing their properties. In addition, forming and surface decoration techniques called k?st? (neckwear), ki?ni? (cilantro jewelry set), p?tp?t (shawl) were also used in jewelry.
Telkari (Filigree) technique, which is one of the Turkish handicraft techniques, is a decorative art similar to fine-looking lace obtained by curling, wrapping or knitting thin silver or gold wires to form various patterns or by soldering them on a metal background. Telkari is also referred to as “filigree". Filigree is a combination of the Latin words “filium” (yarn) and “granium” (wheat).
The “Tie Pin” on the stamp is inspired by rumi patterns and is made by filigree technique and designed by applying inlay and embossing process in patches. The “Tie Pin” in the first day cover made using turquoise stone was inspired by palmet patterns and made with filigree technique and adorned with mosaic art.
The single valuable commemorative stamp and the first day cover themed “Euromed 2021 (Handicraft Jewelry in the Mediterranean)” prepared in the form of a souvenir sheet bearing the images of jewelry made with filigree technique, in which the ore is processed in master hands and turned into a most elegant craft, were put in circulation on 12.07.2021 by PTT Corp.
Quantity 100.000
Date of Issue 12.07.2021
Value 6,50 Turkish Lira
The Size of the Souvenir Sheet 66x72 mm
Graphic Design of Stamp Irmak ÇAM, Leyla AYDIN KARA
Graphic Design of FDC Asli ÖZTÜRK
Last Date of Sale Limited with the Quantity
Printing House PTT Printing House
Printing Process Digital