Handicraft Jewellery of Mediterranean

Country: Tunisia
Year: 2021
Release Date: 12 Jul 2021

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Press Release
Handicraft Jewelry in the Mediterranean
As part of its active contribution to the activities of the Postal Union for the Mediterranean and considering its significant role in the developing of cooperation and partnership with the postal Euro-Mediterranean institutions, the Tunisian Post issues on July 15, 2021, like the member countries for the Mediterranean Union, two postage stamps on the theme "Handicraft Jewelry in the Mediterranea".
The successive civilizations in Tunisia have affected the gold and silver industry in terms of engravings used on ornaments, such as traces of eras; Punic, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Turkish and Andalusian are visible on them through the forms used, they therefore made ornaments for women in various materials that correspond to their time.
The two postage stamps represent:
1- The "El Khomsa" necklace:
This postage stamp represents one of the famous traditional Tunisian Mediterranean jewels, the designs of which have been preserved for many centuries. The coral studded "El Khomsa" necklace is characterized by the combination of the shape through El Khomsa and the metallic components which consist of a number of interlocking rings of gold and coral, which is one of the most famous gemstones and is mined from the northwestern coasts of Tunisia (Tabarka). Women wear it on their necks and adorn themselves with this unique necklace in everyday life, on occasions and parties, and it has not lost its popularity and charm to this day.
2- The "Tlila" Necklace:
The postage stamp represents the "Tlila" necklace, a very beautiful and original necklace worn by Tunisian women, especially at parties and weddings. Decorated with pearls and coral reefs and enhanced with gold threads, the woman creates her necklace using embroidery techniques, an ancestral craft passed down from generation to generation. This sumptuous necklace consists of an embellished central rosette threaded on each side, strings loaded with beautiful pearls, coral, garnet and hematite (Khamri).
The Tlila necklace is adorned with a set of gold or silver discs (Mahboub), lire, coral rosaries, pearls (diamonds) and other elements ... The necklace is worn tight around the neck. The popularity of this handcrafted necklace has increased in recent times after being long forgotten and is an essential necklace of traditional adornment.