Antique cities of the Mediterranean

Country: Cyprus
Year: 2022
Release Date: 11 Jul 2022
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Press Release
EUROMED 2022 Antique cities of the Mediterranean
For the ninth consecutive year, the Member States of the Euromed Postal Union for the Mediterranean are issuing a stamp with a common theme, and this year's theme is "Antique cities of the Mediterranean".
Cyprus’ STAMP depicts the monumental stone vase of the Ancient city of Amathunta.
Amathunta was founded circa 1050 B.C. at the south coast of Cyprus. In ancient times, it was one of the most important cities-kingdoms. Its geographical location, its rich hinterland and its port, helped it prosper and develop trade relations beyond Cyprus. Two monumental stone vases had been placed during the 7th century BC on the acropolis of Amathunta, outside the temple of Aphrodite of Amathunta. One vase was transferred to the Louvre Museum in 1865, while its broken counterpart is at its place at the top of the acropolis of Amathunta.
€0,64 Monumental stone vase 55.000
                                          of the Ancient city of Amathunta
FDCs at the price of €1,02 4.500
Dimensions of stamp : 42,5 x 30mm in sheets of 8 stamps
Design : Melanie Efstathiadou
Printing method : Litho-Offset on unwatermaked paper
Printer : Baltic Banknote Security Printing
Circulation-Sales : This set circulates on 11 July 2022, and will be available at the Cyprus Post offices through 9 July 2023, unless previously sold out. Complete sets will be available at Stamps and Philatelic Service until their withdrawal, unless previously sold out.