Euromed. Arqueología marítima del mediterráneo

Country: Spain
Year: 2022
Release Date: 11 Jul 2022
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First Day Cover/Philatelic
Press Release
Under its waters, the Mediterranean Sea hides centuries of history of conquests and trade routes between the empires that dominated its shores.
The bottom of the sea holds many secrets about the history of mankind. Unveiling these mysteries hidden underwater can help us reconstruct and understand the past of ancient civilizations. Underwater archeology shows us its origin through the remains found in the ocean, turning these valuable wrecks into true time capsules.
Every vestige recovered from the bottom of the sea has the same value for archaeologists: that of historical knowledge. One of the most famous cases of recent times is that of the ship “Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes”, destroyed by the British navy in 1804 near the coast of Cádiz (Spain). Its sinking was key to the start of the Trafalgar battle that would ruin the Spanish empire. An American company found the remains of this mythical vessel and seized the remains of it. After a tough case, the Spanish government recovered them.
In addition to the emblematic site of “Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes”, internationally researched and where work is carried out at a depth of more than 1,000 meters, Spain and the Mediterranean Sea hold unique places for the study of history under the sea. The images that appear on the stamp, which is also specially issued in a Premium Sheet format, belong to the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology of Cartagena (Murcia, Spain).
- Series: EUROMED
- Issue: Maritime Archaeology of the Mediterranean
- Issue date: 11th July 2022
- Printing technique: Offset (Premium Sheet: offset + foil + embossed)
- Type of paper: Coated, gummed, phosphorescent
- Stamp format: 40.9 x 57.6 mm (vertical)
- Premium Sheet format: 260 x 200 mm (horizontal)
- Face value: € 3
- No. of stamp in Premium Sheet: 6 stamps
- No. of stamps in normal sheets: 16 stamps
- Print run: 134 000 stamps + 5 000 Premium