Costumes of the Mediterranean

Country: Jordan
Year: 2019
Release Date: 08 Jul 2019

Several designs exist for this issue, please discover them all by clicking on the stamp and use left/right arrows.
Cancelation Postmarks
First Day Cover/Philatelic
Press Release
EUROMED Costumes Heritages 2019
Based upon the recommendations of the EuroMed Union that include the Jordan as co-founder member aiming to spread knowledge among public of the national costumes heritage of the Levant area (Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria), Jordan Post intends to release a stamps issue under the name of " EuroMed Costumes to be launch for sale to public on 08/July/2019.
This issue consists of 4 stamps with value of 0.4 JD for each and 1 souvenir sheet with total price of JD 2.100 per set, also a First Day Cover (FDC) will be released on this occasion with value of JD 2.600 together with FDC stamp bearing a new design as agreed on the workshop session held in Amman on 20/03/2019.
The stamps were designed by ISAM printing Press, A postcard was prepared as well for each stamp of this issue bearing the image of the stamp, 4000 sets were printed to be released for sale on the designated date mentioned here above.