Country: Turkey
Year: 2019
Release Date: 08 Jul 2019

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First Day Cover/Philatelic
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In every environment since they existed, humankind have dressed as required by the circumstances and her/his social status and convenient to her/his personal characteristics. Public costumes of our country, on the shore of the Mediterranean, emerged as a product of the Mediterranean Culture. These costumes preserved like historical artifacts and worn in special times protects its specialty of being irreplaceable of Turkey.
Bindall?/Gaziantep: The costumes for private days called “Bindall?”, originally from Gaziantep district, are worn in almost every region of our country. Plant motives take place on the embroideries crafted with the dival technique by using the silver thread onto red silk or velvet fabric. Brides use gold and silver jewels and colorful scarfs and feathers on their cap and gorgets decorated with golden coins on their neck, and golden belts on their waist.
Bride Costumes/Antalya: The decorations made with beads, spacers, fringes and point laces used on the caps of traditional bride costumes of Antalya district wrap the head and fall to the chest. The same decorations can be seen on the belt wrapping the waist and the short waistcoat. Apron dresses on the dimije is decorated with paillettes. As for the feet, socks made of angora wool crafted with traditional motives are worn.
Within the scope of Postal Union for Mediterranean (EUROMED), of which PTT Corporation is a member since the year 2010, “EUROMED (COSTUMES USED IN THE MEDITERRANEAN)” themed 2 (two) valuable commemorative stamp and first day cover prepared by using the images of traditional costumes belonging to “Gaziantep” and “Antalya” districts are put in circulation by PTT Corporation on 08.07.2019.
Value 2x2 Türk Liras?
Date of Issue 08.07.2019
Quantity 2x 100.000
Stamp Size 60x40 mm
Printing Process Digital
Printing House PTT Printing House
Last Date of Sale Limited with the Quantity
Design Technique Digital
Artist P?nar OLGAÇ
Stamp Process Coordination Fatih TI?LIO?LU, Ahmet SESVEREN, Ebru AKSOY, M.F?rat GÜRBÜZ, Nalan BOSTANCI, Sevim KILLIO?LU
Stamp Approval Mehmet ORHON, Ali ?hsan KARACA, Kenan BOZGEY?K