Traditional Gastronomy in the Mediterranean

Country: Tunisia
Year: 2020
Release Date: 13 Jul 2020

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Traditional Mediterranean gastronomy: Borzguene - Chakchouka
As part of its active contribution to the activities of the Postal Union for the Mediterranean and consi­ dering its signilïcant raie in the developing of cooperation and partnership with the postal Euro-Me­ diterranean institutions, the Tunisian Post issues on July 75, 2020, like the member countries for the Mediterranean Union, two postage stamps dedicated to one of the components of Tunisian kitchen , namely the two famous dishes: «Borzguene and Chakchouka» .
Cooking or kitchen is considered a kind of art and it is also a rich subject for studying the history, culture and customs of people and countries. Like the countries of the Mediterranean basin, Tunisia is charac­ terized by the culture and art of food as one of its cultural characteristics.The characteristics ofTunisian kitchen and its foods are known to be healthy and benelïcial to human beings, in addition to their diversity, their flexibility of preparation and the types of ingredients that corne from different regions and are characterized by p/easure of their taste and their high nutritional value.
Borzguene: lt is a dish prepared from fine grains of couscous arranged a/ternately with loyers of dried fruits such as almonds , pistachios, cashews , pine nuts and dates. The couscous grains are sprin­
k/ed with fresh sweet milk and melted butter, then the lamb chops are p/aced on top and served hot. Borzguene is one of the popular dishes of northwest Tunisia, especially the city of El Kef, as it is conside­ red to be one of the most established dishes in the culinary traditions of the region. lts flavor combines sweetness and salinity and mixes dried fruit and meat. Usually, in mid-May of each year, it is ready to welcome the harvest season, in a specia/ festive atmosphere throughout the city, as we/1 as at weddings and other family ce/ebrations. lts preparation expresses an attribute of friendliness and hospitality.
Chakchouka: Chakchouka is a popular Tunisian recipe, and it is c/assilïed among the main dishes. lts preparation does not require much time and the method of preparation is easy and simple. Chak­
chouka contains chopped tomatoes, crushed garlic , anions, tomato poste and oil, with spices such as sait , spice, spheres, red peppers, bel/ pepper , then chopped potatoes. We con a/so add sausages or Qad­ did. Chakchouka is an easy, nutritious and de/icious Tunisian recipe.
La gastronomie traditionnelle méditerranéenne :
Borzguène - Chakchouka
Traditional Mediterranean gastronomy: Borzguene - Chakchouka
Series : Commemorative
Drawing: Malek Labidi A Photo
Value: (J'.75, Z'.O
Size: 2Bx40
Paper : White bright
Printing process:Offset
Printer:Tunisian Post printer- Tunis
Printing: 250.00 stamps
Philatelic products : Fîrst day caver
Date of issue:
July 15, 2020