Traditional Gastronomy in the Mediterranean
Country: Türkiye
Year: 2020
Release Date: 13 Jul 2020
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Press Release
“Turkish cuisine”, which is among the most important cuisines of the world, is one of the important riches of our multi-layered cultural heritage, reflecting the geography in which it has come to life in a colorful way. Turkish cuisine, the roots of which go back to the plain food culture of the Central Asian Turks in its historical development process, brought about today’s Turkish food culture by combining the Central Asian nomadic people’s use of meat and fermented dairy products, grains of Mesopotamia, fruits and vegetables of the Mediterranean and the spices of South Asia. In this respect, Turkish cuisine is one of the oldest and richest cuisines among the cuisines of Mediterranean countries.
Information about the stamp:
 Quantity of stamps: 3
 Format: Vertical
 Dimension: External dimension 90x100 mm (Internal dimensions 26x36 mm, 26x36 mm, 26x36 mm)
 Value: 3,00 TL, 3,00 TL and 5,50 TL
Issuance : 100 000 items