The Community’s governing organs are:

The current management of the Community is entrusted to the Secretary General

The General Assembly Meeting

Each Member has a seat with a right to participate in discussion and to vote at the General Assembly Meeting. For each General Assembly Meeting, the Member shall designate to represent it an individual executive chosen from its organization. If a Member is not represented at a General Assembly Meeting it may delegate another Member to represent it by proxy, provided that no representative present at the General Assembly Meeting holds more than two (2) proxies of other Members.

The General Assembly Meeting takes place once per year as an Ordinary Meeting. It is chaired by the representative of the Member country in which the Meeting is held.

As necessary, an Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting may be convened at the request of at least half the Members, or at the initiative of the Chairman of the Board. The Meeting is convened upon for a serious reason and its agenda is limited to consideration of issues that are the reason for holding it. A maximum of two (2) Extraordinary General Assembly Meetings may be convened per calendar year.

The Board of Directors

The number of Directors depends on the number of Members forming the Community on voting day every three (3) years at the General Assembly Meeting. It is established in accordance with the following table, effective as of November 2019:

Number of Members Up to 9 10-20 21+
Number of Directors on the Board 6 8 10

The Administrators

The Administrators of the Community (in accordance with the Second Schedule of the Civil Code, Chapter 16 of the laws of Malta) are:

  • The Chairman, the Secretary General and the Treasurer shall be the Administrators
  • The Administrators shall be either natural persons or have a distinct legal and juridical personality and should either be Members of the Community or third parties appointed for such purpose by the Community