• The PUMed organizes the Postal Innovation Contest to acknowledge the innovation efforts of its members and reward the most innovative proposal presented by one of its members.
  • All active PUMed member countries are eligible to participate in EuroMed’s Postal Innovation Contest.
  • Each PUMed member can submit one launched project in one of the categories which are Product innovation or Process innovation.
  • Each PUMed member country can only submit 1 proposal for the EuroMed’s Postal Innovation Contest in one of the above-mentioned categories.
  • At the closing of the submission process, the Secretariat shall officially announce the launching of the voting process to the PUMed members.
  • The Secretary General shall propose on yearly basis a list of potential jury candidates to PUMed Board of Directors.
  • The identity of the winner will be withheld until the PUMed Q4 event.



Last year winner is Spain, Correos with Supporting Rural Development.



  • The target of Correos project is to develop circular, neutral and activist products that by promoting the local value, make life easier for people while taking care of the planet.
  • 6,011 rural postmen equipped with new PDAs in 2021.
  • More than 24,000 delivery staff with adapted PDAs in early 2023.
  • ATMs installation in small towns and villages



2023 innovation award goes to Italy, Posteitaliane.

  • The project objective is to promote economic, social and territorial cohesion in small municipalities and Italy’s inland areas, by contributing to their growth through a “Public Administration (PA) hub” easy to access and by means of the largest national co-working network.
  • 250 Co-working Spaces serve the development of a national network for training and coworking. Innovative, capillary and easy to access to offer new working solutions and growth opportunities throughout the national territory.
  • One place for all services to simplify citizens’ lives with access to services located in several locations and access to services from a single contact point.